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NHS Trust Elderly Services Developments
Posted: 24 April 2017

Hounslow & Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust have set up a range of services to support the elderly in the borough.  This includes two Senior Health Clinics to help assess health and social care needs with the individuals involved.
Virtual Senior Health Clinic:  
The Virtual Senior Health Clinic uses a web-based video conferencing tool, OmniJoin, to invite participants to review and planning meetings for individuals.  Invitees can be health or social care professionals, the patient and/or carers, plus any Voluntary Sector colleagues as appropriate. 
This service could be for situations with over-75 year olds who are having difficulty coping at home and hospital admission or residential care home placement is imminent.  The virtual session would offer a multi-disciplinary problem solving session to consider new care solutions.   
Key information:
  • ​accessible service
  • available Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 1pm -2pm
  • Referral Forms can be requested from the Clinic Administrator on 020 8973 3053 or by emailing
  • Appointments are booked by the Clinic Administrator
  • OmniJoin invitations are sent out to all required member
  • Requires internet access and a camera on a PC, laptop or 'phone.

This virtual clinic does not conduct a physical assessment - it is discussion-based and a Care Plan is written and agreed at the end of the session.

Senior Health Clinic at Teddington Memorial Hospital:
At this Clinic, the patient is assessed by a Pharmacist, Care of the Elderly Consultant, Therapist and Nurse.  GP input can be organised, via video link, during the team discussion.  It could be best for someone over 75 years who is amongst the most vulnerable elderly in the borough and who is frail and at risk of hospital admission.  They may have many complex needs, including taking lots of medications, difficulty with physical tasks and general ill health. 
Key information:
  • accessible service
  • available on Thursdays between 1pm - 5pm
  • Referral Forms can be requested from the Clinic Administrator on 020 8973 3053 or by emailing
For more information, please contact Sasha Pearce on 020 8973 3109 or Nicole Boultbee on 020 8973 3053.