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Community Involvement

Shape Local Services

Service users or Carers can shape local services by, for example:

  • Taking part in strategic groups.
  • Getting involved with workshops  and events that help to decide what services are needed locally. 
  • Participating in procurement panels.

In the window below is a report on work to enhance local services through service user and carer participation. If it does not display in your browser, please click here or use the download link on the right.

Supporting People through Involvement

You can also read the engagement report on a service review that we helped Richmond's Joint Commissioning Collaborative to carry out. It focused on services for people who are homeless. One thing that came across stongly was how much people who used services would like to be involved in their development.  The report is hosted offsite on the Richmond Clinical Commissioning Group site so please click here to go to it direct, or click here here to see all the reports that they have published.