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Voluntary Sector Profile

Richmond Borough Data and Needs Evidence


The library of documents that are listed below will give you an overview and understanding of the demography, local needs and trends that influence the purchasing and commission of services in Richmond upon Thames.


Inform tenders & funding applications

It is essential that when groups are preparing to tender for service delivery in the borough, that you put your service in the context of both local intelligence, and national policy and evidence how what you provide meets the local need and achieves the outcomes set in the specification. It will also help you when preparing applications to outside funders including charitable trusts, and developing new projects evidenced by local need.


Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is an assessment of the health and well-being needs of the population of LBRUT. There are also links to the Borough Profile, the Annual Public Health Report and the Local Economic Assessment on the website.



Community Plan 2007-2017 sets out the vision for the borough, and the seven priority themes that are the framework for achieving this.



DataRich is the local authority one stop shop for a wide range of statistics and analysis about LBRUT. The themes covered are the census 2011, population, health and social care, economy and employment, transport and travel, education and skills, crime, housing, community and environment, the JSNA and equalities and diversity. 


Census Information provides headline statistics from the census carried out in Autumn 2011



LBRUT Equalities Mapping and Profile 2011

The purpose of this profile is to improve current understanding of the equalities strands within LBRUT through the Identification, mapping and profiling of national and local equality data sources and the consolidation of these findings into one comprehensive baseline for equality.



Richmond Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) – Clinical Commissioning Strategy Plan.

The Richmond CCG works to improve local health services and has the commissioning responsibility for a wide range of health services.



Child Poverty Needs Assessment and the Child Poverty Strategy 2011-14