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Funding: Community Learning Fund Open for Applications
Posted: 22 June 2017

The Richmond Community Learning Partnership (RCLP) invites new applications for funding to support adult/family learning opportunities that are not already available locally, or easily accessible to Richmond Borough residents. 
The RCLP is committed to providing outstanding adult learning opportunities that are inspiring and will enable individuals to progress and enrich their lives.  
The aim of Community Learning activities is to bring adults together and help them to enjoy and pursue an interest, address a need, acquire new skills, become healthier, learn skills to support family members or that can be used to make a difference in their local community.
Applications for are welcome from:
Not-for-profit voluntary or community groups and charities
Social enterprises
Individual tutors
Schools and Children’s Centres
Community Centres
Education providers
Residential settings
Clubs and societies
Local support services
Examples of previously funded Adult Community Learning courses include activities and courses involving volunteer training, money management, employability and work preparation, sewing, cooking, dancing, gardening, environment-based, sport, DIY, First Aid, IT and social groups.
It is essential that all applications  try to address key strategic priorities and are developed against clearly identifiable local community needs. 
Round 1 applications must be submitted electronically by Tuesday 1 August 2017, 5pm. 
Providers will receive email confirmation of receipt of their application. However, it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact Community Learning if they have not received confirmation within 24 hours of the closing date. 
The Commissioning Board will meet week commencing 14 August 2017 and providers will be notified of the outcome of their bid application by 31 August 2017.
Courses/activities must be fully delivered up to the 31 July 2018.
To support a model of future sustainability, any provider that has already been successfully funded in 2015/16 or 2016/17, may still apply for Community Learning funding in this contract year, but will only be eligible for 50% of the total funding requested if the bid is successful. These providers will then be ineligible to apply for Community Learning funding for a minimum period of two contract years.
To find out more about Adult Community Learning and how to apply for funding call 0208 734 3381 or visit the Community Learning website.