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Community Involvement

Users and Carers Group

The Users and Carers Group is the only group in Richmond that has an explicit aim of promoting and reviewing user and carer involvement in health and social care decision-making.

It is made up of User Members and Carer Members who sit on permanent committees and time limited groups within Richmond’s Health and Wellbeing Partnership. The Group helps members to support each other, keep up to date, and review progress and problems.

The Group also guides the work of the Richmond CVS Community Involvement Manager, who supports the Group's administration.

The Group is chaired by Mary McNulty, a Carer Member of the Health and Social Care Co-Production Group. If you would like to get in touch with Mary or any User or Carer members, please do so via the Community Involvement Manager.

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You can visit the User and Carer Group Forum page here

User and Care Group Terms of Reference

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